The Final Call


"In Search Of Cain"

By Sister Azanyah Levi

“By Your Precepts I Gain Understanding; Therefore I Hate Every False Way.” Psalms 119:104`

One of the lessons I am learning consistently and to a greater degree daily, is to put away almost everything the Gentile has taught, for what is not outright lies then falls into an equally great slop jar called Propaganda. No doubt the people that secured our Holy Hebrew Scriptures were either and only having one of three experiences that always leads to an singular end: an opportunity to transfix themselves in scripture as the sons of Adam, to deceive the nations into believing in their mastery and to subdue and invert everything in the world for the purpose of the white supremacy when the truth behind their might was always Job 9:24, “And the earth has been given to the Wicked.” 

And their victims are countless (all the darker people of the Earth cry out in misery, for the The Most High Creator to make Justice alas and set the record straight) and yes even Cain. According to the Mormons, the first born of Adam and Eve is somehow the Serpent’s seed, even though the Most High has already declared and cursed that seed before Cain was even born: “14. Because of what you did, more cursed you should be than all the cattle and wild beasts. On your belly you shall crawl all the days of your life 15. And I will put enmity between your seed and the woman’s. They shall strike at your head and you shall strike at your heel.” Genesis 3. Which would no doubt put Cain in the most acrobatic contortion and spiritual conflict known to man if he were both Eve’s seed and the Serpent’s. Truth is, just as written in the book of Genesis, Cain is Adam’s son.

Brand New Country

Well I’m sad to report to readers: this is Ghana. I took this photo in the capital city of Accra. I further journeyed Kumasi; some 5 ½ hours south, and witnessed the SAME fashion abominations. The PREDOMINATE clothing style of young men, ALL the way up to men in their early 50’s in age is:

Sagging(young men)

Skinny suits, shirt and pants outfits(men up to 50 in age).

First, let’s look at the social history of these two clothing styles in the United States:



“Sagging” came from homosexual male prisoners signaling (by pulling his trousers down exposing the top of his underwear) other homosexual men in prison that they’re ready to have homosexual sex with another homosexual prisoner. Yep! This writer purposely used the word homosexual a lot because I’m making a point. As these men moved into ex-convict life on the outside,  the clothing  style infiltrated US mainstream Israelite male fashion. A fashion rooted in the ABOMIDABLE act of sodomy: a dealbreaker for living in Yahuah’s kingdom in the future.

Skinny/too tight male clothing:

This too is rooted in unfeminism and homosexual-leaning behavior. How so? In Roman culture public nakedness, or close form-fitting clothes isn’t for women to lust after men(because women aren’t visual in that respect; men are); it’s for the lusts of homosexual men. 

By:Elder Ben Bey Israel

When did this style become popular? Well this writer noticed: at the peak of US Israelite men sagging(about the year 2000): young suburban European-American males INSPIRED by our men’s wickedness in fashion started wearing too tight clothes AND sagging! So at that point you had a young white boy sagging with too tight pants. I was like: wow. But, no matter; they can do whatever they want with their pants. Well fast forward to roughly 2015: our men copied the European!  Then I thought: “Father this is a PURE mess!

No problem! I’ll come back to the US and continue dealing with that issue when I return. I’ll hop on a plane and come over to Ghana in the motherland, and get a well needed break from our young men’s fashion nightmares. CERTAINLY I’ll see our men here wearing traditional African, and conservative western  dress in Ghana:……NOPE! The Psalm 83-it’s got to ‘em first! Saggy, too-tight pants, and suits:……EVERY DAMN(and this author means damnable)where! 

In Israelite intelligencia circles way back in the 1990’s we discussed how the worst in our people was promoted all over the planet by the US propaganda machine and ESPECIALLY in African nations. Well I now realize it’s worse than I thought. Our people are wearing this mess like they’re really doing something cool! It’s truly like watching the Hindenburg on fire falling slowly to the earth.

What do we do now that the great people of the Gold Coast have been poisoned by the wickedness of our people in the US? We must press our way to spend time  here, work with our people, and repair the breach. I’m here in my homeland praying. I pray all readers among our people will pray with us too.  



By Dr. Debra Franklin

Phenomenally Made By Sister Azanyah Levi


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