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The Conclusion is Better Then The Beginning

We’ve come to far, to turn back now
turn back to who, what, where and How?
When pillows soaked in tears,
Closets filled with fears
rendered us here.
Still, in the moment 
unpacking our baggage’s
before The KING
Vain thoughts
Vain wantings
Did I say Pride?
Mr. sly
We’ve come to far to turn back now
Turn back to who, what, where and How?
When jobs fired us for being,
Element 6, with 6 protons, and 6 electrons.
Carbon, our dear skin Melanin.

By: Quishana Speede

Fleeting, is the moment
Of self-pleasure
For whatever a man sows, a man reaps
Sin is crouching at our door
no resistance, merges it with our feet.
A sinners path only misleads,
Disconnecting, us from HIM.
We’ve come to far to turn back now
Turn back to who, what, where and How?
We must journey on for 
The Bridges have been burnt
We can face our demons, ourselves!
Being accountable for our actions.
seeking repentance with tears.
For, the whole duty of man is to be 
Obedient to our unseen Highest Esteem YAH
Echad (one)
Many routes have been trodden to 
arrive us to our destination
The conclusion is better then the beginning.

Love & Obedience

By: Quishana Speede
Cry, cry rivers streaming together
what’s the fight to live, when dying is so restful.
pain and hurt makes a wonderful being, exist.
I’ve died a few times through different trials.
I can’t even hold onto the former things,
gaining speed upstream. 
I’ve plugged into you, 
I’ve no hope but You- Reedemer.
is their an end to the crinkles I cause?
Your always quick to exact the iron board
and flatten me out.
I’ve sought to know my place so bad,
I am out-of.
You’ve hit reset on me so much
I still don’t know what you want? 
Never the less,
I will seek you, in the early slice of the morning
I will bury praise, in my heart to worship, in a tuned beat.
Following you, rips layer’s off my soul,
that I bare in secret.
It’s in the inner parts of my being, I find you.
Your voice is honey to my soul.
Your chastisement is celestial.
No matter how wrong I get?
You come with your righteous correct.
self-checked by Yah.
Dry, Dry pavement dirt road.
What’s the longing for death, when Dirt merge’s with a soul.
Love and obedience  makes me upright.

A Word From Our Elder: YHWH Loves You Israel

By Enosh Ben Levi

When you are trying to find

your way in life,
Ask YHWH for help.

Before you start counting on people,
Count on YHWH.

When life gives you a dozen of roses Appreciate it
and afterwards thank YHWH.