Love & Obedience

Cry, cry rivers streaming together
what’s the fight to live, when dying is so restful.
pain and hurt makes a wonderful being, exist.
I’ve died a few times through different trials.
I can’t even hold onto the former things,
gaining speed upstream. 
I’ve plugged into you, 
I’ve no hope but You- Reedemer.
is their an end to the crinkles I cause?
Your always quick to exact the iron board
and flatten me out.
I’ve sought to know my place so bad,
I am out-of.
You’ve hit reset on me so much
I still don’t know what you want? 
Never the less,
I will seek you, in the early slice of the morning
I will bury praise, in my heart to worship, in a tuned beat.
Following you, rips layer’s off my soul,
that I bare in secret.
It’s in the inner parts of my being, I find you.
Your voice is honey to my soul.
Your chastisement is celestial.
No matter how wrong I get?
You come with your righteous correct.
self-checked by Yah.
Dry, Dry pavement dirt road.
What’s the longing for death, when Dirt merge’s with a soul.
Love and obedience  makes me upright.