By Quishana Speede

The redeemer of my soul, became the love of my life every breath and all my time
goes to Him.
Panic attacks use to take my breath away.
Heart palpitations made me fret dying
man life’s kicked me in the shin.
The quencher of my thirst, became the water of my life. Every parchment and all my wants goes to Him.
Lack has driven me to be stingy
stagnating thoughts kept me motionless
bottle after bottle, kept me happily empty.
The wonderful creator of me, became the only one of my life. Every esteem and all my worship
goes to Him.
Idols had me going hard trying to gain something
Vanity is the sum of my past-living
wickedness is sharing His glory with another.
The fountain of my joy, became the source of my life
every power and all my essence
goes to Him.
Clapping and singing to a dead man
bound me in tight, whilst disconnected from my saviour