“For I AM YHWH, I Do Not Change; Therefore You Sons Of Yacob Are Not Consumed.” Malachi 3:6


We Are Servants Of The Most High YAH

We Are Avaraham's Seed

And It Shall Come To Pass, When All These Things Come Upon Thee, The Blessings And The Curse Which I Have Set Before Thee This Day And Thou Shall Call Them To Mind Among All The Nations Whither The ALMIGHTY Thy YAH Hath Driven Thee And Shalt Return To HIM And Obey HIS Voice According To All That I Command Thee This Day, Thou And Thy Children With All Thine Heart And With All Thine Soul…Then The ALMIGHTY Thy YAH Will Turn Thy Captivity And Have Compassion On Thee And Will Return And Gather Thee From All The Nations HE Has Scattered Thee.” Deuteronomy 30:1-3.

Psalms 44 A Poem
By Sister Azanyah

For every Writer, the pen is the tool,

long hand the form and the written word …

the finality of Art.

No more would one expect a painter to first write the images in his head!

Or an Instrumentalist to paint sounds? 

As Bezalel, of the tribe of Judah was called forth and filled with the Spirit of YHWH, in Wisdom and Understanding and in all manner of workmans


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