Jeremiah 4:7 "The lion has come up from the thicket, and the destroyer of Nations is on his Way"

     In the beginning YHWH made the world and all that is in it. It is beautiful and full of moments and actions that are experienced each day.

     For every moment or action there is judgement which is given to all people, animals, insects, and all living creatures, for we all play a special part in life and in this world.

    YHWH has judged men, women and children in our history so that we can look back and compare our lives too. People like Abram/Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to name a few.  People we admire and look to in order to become better people.

     In Genesis at the beginning of Chapter 13 Abraham and Lot (Abraham’s nephew) were in Bethel, but the land was not able to bear both families and of course disagreement reared its ugly head. Abraham was mature enough to solve the problem between the two and showed great leadership to all including THE MIGHTY HOLY ONE YHWH. The MOST HIGH judged Abraham’s righteousness when he said after Lot was separated from him” Lift up now thine eyes, an look from the place where thou art northward, southward, eastward, and westward for all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed forever” Genesis 13:14-15. Abraham is the father of many nations even until this day.


righteous judgement By: Bro. Enos Ben Levi

"the book of life: final judgement for hebrew israelites"

The Bbook Of Life

By: Dr.Debra Franklin
Eschatology is a branch of theology that is concerned with death, judgement, and the final destiny of the soul of all mankind (Miriam- Webster, 2021) and all religious belief systems have a last judgment, final judgment, judgment day or doomsday scenario. We will look briefly at Christian, Islamic, Catholicism and Judaism eschatology.  Then we will discuss the Hebrew view on Judgment and the “Book of Life ” and what it takes to stay in YHWH Elohim’s righteousness.  

"mercy on me" A poem by bro. azaryahu mal'akhi

Have Mercy on me

Have mercy on me YAH

Fill me with your spirit 

Place within me a new song

Have Mercy on me

Have mercy on me YAH

Though I have fallen

Help me rise above it all

Have Mercy on me

Have mercy on me YAH

I humbly come before you 

To repent for all I’ve done

Have Mercy on me

Have mercy on me YAH

Use me for your glory

Do unto me as you please


Preparations for Judgment

Written by: Chashmal Yahnai Israel

by: Chashmal Yahnai Israel

In 2020, most of us could have never fathomed America’s grocery stores  running out of basic necessities such as food and water; nor could we have fathomed  massive power and gas outages due to cyber-attacks; nor could we have fathomed  massive death due to plague. This is because America has been sitting comfortably  and strengthening herself in her wickedness and has never lacked anything. This is a land that has raped, robbed, and killed to become a ruling world empire that has  never seen biblical judgement upon its main borders until now. Over a year later, we  witness with disbelief the empty shelves, long lines, fights, item limits, supply chain  disruptions, increasing plague infections and deaths, only to name a few. We are  hearing every day on our local news or social media new variants of disease, massive  shortages of every kind and inflation causing prices to skyrocket.

how Christ Crucified killed the world

 It always seemed strange to me, how the Christian Theologian is particularly drawn to the prophecies of Daniel, as if its understanding and enlightened exposition is the pinnacle of true biblical scholarship. After all making another rational person comprehend how seventy weeks can translate into over two thousands six hundred years is no less a mathematical feat than convincing the world that three gods (Father/Creator, Son/Savior and Holy Ghost/Comforter) are somehow one, and the believer not a pagan to the point where they careen the world carrying a piety never witnessed to save others from the deadly pitfalls of polytheism. It is a deception so impenetrable sooner or later its roots are bound to be revealed as Evil.

Indeed the Christian in the command to spread the gospel to all corners of the globe, in his tireless missions and ministries is no doubt the world’s greatest colonizer: they carried a white man on a stick, four accounts of his time on earth, and letters written by a man named Paul to every place there were people, claiming to be salvation in the flesh. And when you consider Rome’s involvement in the writing of the Quran with a whole chapter dedicated specifically to the “Mother Of God”  a term that makes woke folks laugh (‘O, Mary indeed Allah has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above all women of the world.” Noble Quran 3:42) there’s literally no place on Earth they have not subdued the minds and souls made by the Most High, YHWH. After all they had Good News: not only had a man become God, he also made it so that man was no longer bound to the Law of YHWH.  The only son of the Living God had come to Earth to die for the worlds’ sins and all anyone had to do was believe in him and upon death they’d live with him in the eternal bliss of the heavens. And maybe this is the heart of the matter, unlike the Tower Of Babel the Christian came with a holy rebellion, one they claimed sanctified by the Most High Himself and the belief that one could commit sin and  not experience any repercussion is so seductive it allows even those adept in scripture to pass over insights revealing the truth of Christ with folly that makes Inspector  Clouseau look like Sherlock Holmes. For how many times can one read the Adversary would change times and laws and never reason that Christians did just that, literally dividing time into before and after their Savior.

 Paul, Christ’s  minister and writer of the majority of the New Testament, approaches the law of the Most High, with a knife and glue, tearing it and seemingly patching it up so repeatedly that when I read his words an image from the movie Exorcist starring Linda Blair flares in my head,

By AzanYah Bhat Levi

We Are Called In Righteousness…Inheriting The Promise Of Abraham. By elder bill

It doesn’t take many years of being Awakened  before one realizes that all the testimony of the Prophets returns us to the Law.  It is by the Law that we were established in Covenant with the Most High and that HE will fulfill HIS promise made to HIS friend, our great father Abraham and bless his seed above all seeds, establishing  us in ZION a land so anointed it is the only place on earth the ALMIGHTY will dwell. It is for this reason the great prophets give three absolute declarations concerning who will inherit the Promise of Abraham: 1. “Though thy people Yisrael be as the sand of the sea, only a remnant shall return.” Isaiah 10:20. 2. “The remnant of Yisrael shall do no iniquity nor speak lies; neither shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouths. Only such as these shall graze and lie down with none to make them afraid.” Zephaniah 3:13 and most simply put 3: “The Redeemer will come to ZION and to those who turn away from transgression.” 
If you haven’t yet imagined who is going to be in ZION or are stuck on some falsehood from the nations that someone died for your sins and you yourself do not have to obtain righteousness to dwell in ZION, in the midst of the HOLY OF HOLIES, than I advise you pray, fast and reconsider.  From the beginning the seed of Abraham was called to be Holy 
. “Speak to the congregation of the Children of Yisrael and say to them, ‘You shall be Holy for I YHWH am Holy.” Leviticus 19:2 Again if you believe the nations, that obtaining righteousness is an impossibility, I advise you think again as YHWH commands HIS Seed to be so, and 
 to say it is beyond the grasp of the Sons of Adam  is to accuse Our Creator of falsehood.

  Now for those whose mind like mine is steadfast on ZION…let us return to the Law where we are established and see exactly what must  be done to inherit the Great Promise made to our forefather, Avarham. And it shall be our righteousness if we are careful to observe all that you command,” Deut 6:25 So the discernment is that easy? Yes it is! Once you get past all the chatter about the 613 commands and the huge lie (Daniel, Shadrack, Meschach and Abedenego utterly undo) that says the commandments can’t be kept in captivity….yes it is that easy. Besides many scripture allow us to see that the first covenant YAH established with our ancestors is not only universal but is sufficient to build and maintain righteousness even outside the land: “YHWH declared to us a covenant that HE commanded that you observe, the Ten Commandments, and HE inscribed them on two tablets of stone.  At the same time YHWH commanded me to impart to you laws and rules for you to observe in the land that you are about to cross into and occupy.” Deuteronomy 4:13-14 So there is it, in plain view for all to see…how we obtain righteousness outside the land: by striving  to keep the covenant YHWH made with our forefathers that night HE appeared a fire in the sky from the heavens above. Indeed if you are a descendant of the captives spread to the four corners of the world during the transatlantic and Arab slaves trades, you had a forefather there that night, who looked up at the fiery sky and said, ‘yes YHWH I do swear to keep this covenant and to do these commands.” It is why you are here, in the lands of your captivities and its achievement is the only road home.  Still lets get some scriptures to confirm who is the remnant (those going to ZION) and how we get there.

Looking for the Remnant

by:Chashmal Yahnai Israel

Are you seeing and hearing what is currently on the earth? YAH’s judgment is in every facet of this earth’s economic and political structure. We see YAH’s judgment waging down on these nations and in their arrogance these nations believe they can deter the Almighty’s hand. Over the past year we have seen pestilence (variants of Covid-19), famine (ongoing food and supply shortages) and war (military action on all fronts). As the true children of Israel, descendants of slaves, we find ourselves living amongst these nations cast out of our land Israel like helpless scattered sheep with no place to call home. Most of us are blind to the fact that we are Israel and nor are they are aware of the current judgments in the Earth and what is to come as we are consumed with different idolatrous doctrines (Jesus Rapture and Yahawashi UFO theory, etc.) on how we will be saved from YAH’s wrath and return home to the land of Israel. YAH explicitly identifies HIS anger in the latter days through his prophets in the Book of Remembrance (what most call the Old Testament). First, consider what YAH has said, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure (Isaiah 46:10). Here YAH beckons us to consider the beginning of HIS Word to understand the end as there will be similar events to come upon the earth as it was in the beginning. Let us consider the beginning, YAH’s was so angry with the inhabitants of the earth that he made an end to everyone except the smallest remnant: Noah, his wife, and his sons, and their wives. YAH brought his wrath for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth (Genesis 6:12)YAH did this by bringing a flood upon the earth where all flesh drowned…and, behold, I even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; 

A Message to the Nations by Moreh Henok

Righteousness exalts a nation; Sin is a reproach to any people (Proverbs 14:34).While it can be said that righteousness exalts a nation there are many that ignore this divine act by frequently committing impious acts against their citizens and against other nations. Not only nations, but certain individuals of the nations’  commit acts of impiety as well. A nation is only as strong as its family units. Righteousness is a concept when broken down means right or to consciously do what is right which can also be termed as piety. Piety is a religious or spiritual conviction to devote oneself to his or her Creator in every thought, feeling, word and deed. At this moment and time in our history, the global economy is in chaos. Governments around the globe are in economic distress. Citizens in countries such as the United States are protesting for the downfall of the oligarchs of Wall Street and the citizens of Spain are protesting against government austerity. Superpower countries are militarizing their police forces and disregarding their Constitutional obligations for that of a Police State and making their citizenries natural and political rights obsolete. 
Honorable governors, presidents, kings, queens, and prime ministers heed the word of YHWH! Citizens of these nations heed the word of YHWH! For far too long this world has been rotating off its axis because of the corruption and unrighteousness of the ruling class. Since the beginning of time humanity has cut to pieces the ancient covenant against taking human life.

I AM READY AND PREPARED to accept upon myself the belief in YHWH ELOHIM, Who is concealed and indiscernible by all living things, due to his GREAT HOLINESS! I believe with perfect faith that the creator YHWH, blessed is He, is one, singular and unique, that there is no uniqueness like HIS in any way. Blessed is He, and there is no other. He alone is the FORCE of all forces. He knows the ideas, thoughts, and conceptions of all souls. He is the sole essence who created, fashioned, and made all the worlds. There is no second to Him; He was , is, and will be all powerful and able; and there is no other mighty one but Him. He created the heaven, the loftiest Heavens and all their host; the earth and all that is upon and beneath it; the seas and all that is in them.

 He created the sea monster and all the small and large sea creatures, every low-creeping creature that creeps upon the earth and that crawls in the waters. He set a boundary for the sea that its waves may not pass.

A Father Teaches His Son Of The Great I AM! By H.Y. David

 He created man and cattle, the beasts of the field and of the forest; every kind of winged bird; every thing that flies in the sky and all low-creeping creatures that creep and crawl upon the earth. He created mountains and hills, inanimate objects and those that grow, those that live and those that speak. And He feeds and sustains all, from the smallest to the largest of them. He created secluded lands that are inhabited by various types of creatures. And He created everything with INTELLIGENCE and WISDOM, all for His honor. He created winds and forces between heaven and earth; He rides upon the clouds and walks upon the wings of the wind. He created Heaven, the loftiest heavens and all their hosts. He created the world of the sphere; the lower world is as a mustard seed, in comparison; and each sphere before the one above it is as a mustard seed. He created the world of malakim, countless millions for the Heavenly hosts, all for His honor, to praise and relate His  majesty. The world of the sphere opposite that of the malakim is as a mustard seed, in comparison;