A Message To The Nations

by Moreh Henok

Righteousness exalts a nation; Sin is a reproach to any people (Proverbs 14:34). While it can be said that righteousness exalts a nation there are many that ignore this divine act by frequently committing impious acts against their citizens and against other nations. Not only nations, but certain individuals of the nations’  commit acts of impiety as well. A nation is only as strong as its family units. Righteousness is a concept when broken down means right or to consciously do what is right which can also be termed as piety. Piety is a religious or spiritual conviction to devote oneself to his or her Creator in every thought, feeling, word and deed. At this moment and time in our history, the global economy is in chaos. Governments around the globe are in economic distress. Citizens in countries such as the United States are protesting for the downfall of the oligarchs of Wall Street and the citizens of Spain are protesting against government austerity. Superpower countries are militarizing their police forces and disregarding their Constitutional obligations for that of a Police State and making their citizenries natural and political rights obsolete. 

Honorable governors, presidents, kings, queens, and prime ministers heed the word of YHWH! Citizens of these nations heed the word of YHWH! For far too long this world has been rotating off its axis because of the corruption and unrighteousness of the ruling class. Since the beginning of time humanity has cut to pieces the ancient covenant against taking human life. 

Whoever sheds the blood of man,

By man shall his blood be shed;

For in His image 

Did Elohim make man (Genesis 9:6).

Killing in any form is wrong and is disregarding the divine image or essence of YHWH, the Loving Creator and Lawmaker of the heavens and the earth! We are all created in the divine loving image of YHWH. When we entered this physical plane of existence through the portal of our mothers (original Arks of the Covenant) we were all granted birthrights that are inherently granted by the Master of the Universe. Yet, those birthrights are ignored after our conception through the policies and laws of the officials and governors of the nations we are born. These birthrights are natural rights. Rights given to each and every man, woman, and child under the glorious heavens! Governments are supposed to protect our birthrights, not disregard, erase and undermine them, then immune themselves from being prosecuted for not obeying these same policies and laws themselves. All of this is hypocrisy and impiety. Righteousness exalts a nation not unrighteousness! Whatever you sow, so shall you reap!

What everyone must realize no matter how arrogant and in denial one must be. You reap what you sow, and you sow what you reap. Be incredibly careful in what you do and how you do it. There is an all-seeing eye that is watching us all very carefully. This all-seeing eye is not of an Orwellian political system that has its limits of power. This all-seeing eye is from the One Who spoke, and the world came into being! This All Power is absolute and eternal without end! Wake up children of the earth! Time is running out for those rulers, officials and governors who work evil on the earth. YHWH has spoken of your fates! Beware of the Universal Collective Consciousness that sees through your every thought, feeling, word and deed. 

Thus, the Lord commanded the kings, the governors, the high officials, and the landlords and said, “Open your eyes and lift up your eyebrows – if you are able to recognize the Elect One! The Lord of the Spirits has sat down on the throne of his glory, and the spirit of righteousness has been poured out upon him. The word of his mouth will do the sinners in; and all oppressors shall be eliminated from before his face. On the day of judgment, all the kings, the governors, the high officials, and the landlords shall see and recognize him – how he sits on the throne of his glory, and righteousness is judged before him, and that no nonsensical talk shall be uttered in his presence. – (Enoch 62:1-4)

We are all energy and like wires by extension we are all connected to YHWH. Good will triumph in the end while wickedness will become obsolete, and the meek will inherit the earth. The children of Eden are like beautiful African tulips grown in a flower bed. Before maturity we are only seeds planted in the dark enriched soils of the earth by our Gardener. The rain and the sunshine nourish us as we grow. Then all of a sudden, our Gardener leaves us to ourselves for a certain period of time. Then weeds began to grow in the flower bed surrounding us and strangling us of our splendor. Once our Gardener sees our conditions for help through meditation and prayer our Gardener then rips out the weeds from destroying our beauty. 

The entire globe must return to YHWH and exercise the natural laws of mother earth and the cosmos (Torah). Some of you may think to yourselves, “What! Are you crazy?! Natural laws, what natural laws! That’s primitive and we are not wild animals!” However, there is a large sum of the peoples of the earth that have been behaving in a very primitive manner. People steal from one another frequently. People murder each other frequently. People commit hate crimes frequently. The entire global system is based upon race preservation known as White Supremacy undermining the importance, the rights and autonomy of dark-skinned peoples in various western countries including the African (Eden) continent. These are only some of the few examples of primitive behavior amongst the nations and their peoples. Studying the Torah principles one finds the eternal cosmic laws and the justices engraved in the writings concerning the love of YHWH, our immediate and global human family, nature, etc. Observing nature’s beauty one finds the eternal natural laws of nurturing relationships, top optimal health, roles of the sexes in all their array, etc. One must acknowledge that to hurt another human being, to oppress a human being and to undermine any human being regardless of race, color, nationality, religion, or creed is to insult his or her Creator because this same Creator created us all. YHWH’s breath is what animates us and gives us all life!

This world that we all cherish is looking like the worst of the ghettos in the so-called African American communities. As a matter of fact, it is the ghetto of its galaxy because of the crimes of bloodshed that occur every hour; the robberies that take place; the lying and showing of how hard a nation is towards one another nation, etc. To change the world is up to us; the children of Eden. We are the trustees of this planet. This planet is our garden and we have failed to maintain it for YHWH. Let everyone that carries weapons of war put them down and turn them into plowshares and pruning hooks that we may care for one another in our garden granted us by divine decree. Therefore, these are only expressions of the universality of the Divine. Open the gates of your mind that this knowledge enters your souls, and your souls will connect with YHWH.  May this message be for the highest good for all concerned!