How Christ Crucified Killed The World

By AzanYah Bhat Levi

It always seemed strange to me, how the Christian Theologian is particularly drawn to the prophecies of Daniel, as if its understanding and enlightened exposition is the pinnacle of true biblical scholarship. After all making another rational person comprehend how seventy weeks can translate into over two thousands six hundred years is no less a mathematical feat than convincing the world that three gods (Father/Creator, Son/Savior and Holy Ghost/Comforter) are somehow one, and the believer not a pagan to the point where they careen the world carrying a piety never witnessed to save others from the deadly pitfalls of polytheism. It is a deception so impenetrable sooner or later its roots are bound to be revealed as Evil. 

Indeed the Christian in the self-imposed command to spread the gospel to all corners of the globe (as YHWH does not speak once in the New Testament) in his tireless missions and ministries is no doubt the world’s greatest Colonizer: they carried a white man on a stick, four accounts of his time on earth, and letters written by a man named Paul to every place there were people, claiming to be salvation in the flesh. And when you consider Rome’s involvement in the writing of the Quran with a whole chapter dedicated specifically to the “Mother Of God”  a term that makes woke folks laugh (‘O, Mary indeed Allah has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above all women of the world.” Noble Quran 3:42) there’s literally no place on Earth they have not subdued the minds and souls made by the Most High. After all they had Good News: not only had a man become God, he had made it so that man was no longer bound to the Law of YHWH. That’s right, the only son of the Living God had come to Earth to die for the worlds’ sins and all anyone had to do was believe in him and upon death they’d live with him in the eternal bliss of the heavens. And maybe this is the heart of the matter, unlike the Tower Of Babel the Christian came with a holy rebellion, one they claimed sanctified by the Most High Himself and the belief that one could commit sin and  not experience any repercussion is so seductive it allows even those adept in scripture to pass over insights revealing the truth of Christ with folly that makes Inspector  Clouseau look like Sherlock Holmes. For how many times can one read the Adversary would change times and laws and never reason that Christians did just that, literally dividing time into before and after their Savior.

 Paul, Christ’s  minister and writer of the majority of the New Testament, approaches the law of the Most High, with a knife and glue, tearing it and seemingly patching it up so repeatedly that when I read his words an imagery from the movie Exorcist starring Linda Blair flares in my head, most specifically of her sitting on the bed, fully possessed, demon-giggle, stringy hair matted to her grotesque white and green face and her head spinning round and round and round: “What shall we say then? Is the law sin? Certainly not. On the contrary, I wouldn’t have known sin except through the law. For I would have not known covetousness unless the law had said thou shall not covet. But sin taking opportunity by the commandment produced in me all manner of evil desire…” Romans 7:7-8a. And considering the effect the New Testament has had on the world, despite the Most High’s declaration to Daniel, “But you O’Daniel, shut up the words and seal the books til the end of time…,” (12:4) and the fact that unlike  the Tanakh, the Most High doesn’t speak once in the gospel or letters…one’s analysis of Paul’s words in Romans is truly the measure of whether one is woke or sleep, and by no other means. For it is as was prophesied by Daniel so long ago: the New Testament is truly the great words spoken against our Creator, and the reign of its Savior is marked by true seed of Avaraham going to into their seventh and last captivity in enemy nations (after all the first slave ship was named Jesus Christ). But even more Christianity is the time when the earth is given to the Wicked; and the end of it all is YAH’s Great Day Of Wrath, when only a remnant of HIS People and few Gentiles will survive the destruction coming to the Earth. 



I will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity

I will halt the arrogance of the proud and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible. I will make man more rare than fine gold…”

Isaiah 13:11-12

The author Mark Twain once wrote: the best cure for Christianity was reading the bible. And though most people take that statement as pure blasphemy, a sarcastic gripe that the whole word of the Most High is foolishness. However I see it in a completely different manner. For when one reads the authentic writings of Tankah (the Law, testimony of the prophets and wisdom writings)  they utterly delegitimize the entire New Testament beginning with the whole story of Christ’s birth and purpose on earth. Not only is it written in the law and testimony that one man cannot die for another sins (Deut 24: 16, Ezekiel 14:14) but also a higher being intermingling with a human is an abomination so deplorable to the Most High that when the angels did so HE made their seed Nephillim, inherently evil and informed Noah that because of them the earth was Wicked and all the thoughts of man so evil that he needed to build a boat and go inside for HE was going to destroy everything HE had created. (Genesis 6). Even more just a superficial read of the testimony of the prophets reveals that chief among Yisrael’s sins, the reason our ancestors were kicked  out the land, scattered throughout the earth as slaves and a proverb was not only them worshiping demons/fallen ones but also child sacrifice. To this fact most people contend YAH’s testing of Abraham, that upon command he took his son Issac up a hill and was ready to end his life…but no one seems to remember that it never happened. “But an Angel of the Most High called him from heaven and said, ‘Abraham, Abraham…do not lay your hand on the lad or do anything to him.” Gen 12: