“In Search Of Cain”

By Sister Azanyah Bhat Levi

“By Your Precepts I Gain Understanding; Therefore I Hate Every False Way.” 

Psalms 119:104`

One of the lessons I am learning consistently and to a greater degree daily, is to put away almost everything the Gentile has taught, for what is not outright lies then falls into an equally great slop jar called Propaganda. No doubt the people that secured our Holy Hebrew Scriptures were either and only having one of three experiences that always leads to an singular end: an opportunity to transfix themselves in scripture as the sons of Adam, to deceive the nations into believing in their mastery and to subdue and invert everything in the world for the purpose of the white supremacy when the truth behind their might was always Job 9:24, “And the earth has been given to the Wicked.” 

And their victims are countless (all the darker people of the Earth cry out in misery, for the The Most HighCreator to make Justice alas and set the record straight) and yes even Cain. 

According to the Mormons, the first born of Adam and Eve is somehow the Serpent’s seed, even though the Most High has already declared and cursed that seed before Cain was even born: “14. Because of what you did, more cursed you should be than all the cattle and wild beasts. On your belly you shall crawl all the days of your life 15. And I will put enmity between your seed and the woman’s. They shall strike at your head and you shall strike at your heel.” Genesis 3. Which would no doubt put Cain in the most acrobatic contortion and spiritual conflict known to man if he were both Eve’s seed and the Serpent’s. Truth is, just as written in the book of Genesis, Cain is Adam’s son. 

And burdening proof is the fact that the Most High twice calls Cain and Abel brothers, asking “Where is your brother Abel?” and again, “Your brother’s blood cries out to ME from the ground!” Genesis 4:9-10.  If we recall HIS Law we know that there’s no way YHWH would call two men brothers if one were a product of adultery, even more if those two men were from different bloodlines/nations (Deut 23:2, Lev 18:23): “Now the Serpent was the shrewdest of all the wild beasts the Almighty had made.” Genesis 3:1 And Adam: “The Almighty formed man from the dust of the earth. HE blew into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being. 8. The Almighty planted a garden in Eden and placed there the man that HE had made.” 

What I’ve noticed too about the Gentile is a startling hatred of Eve. There’s this constant despairiging of her not only in Mormon literature but in Jewish lore as well, taking her down to the ranks of Lilith:  indeed if she had copulated with the Serpent then according to Genesis 6, Cain her firstborn would’ve been a Nephilim, superior. But again the only problem with that assertion is the Word of the Most High: “Now the man {Adam} knew his wife Eve, and she conceived and bore Cain, saying ‘I have gained a male child with the help of the Almighty.” Genesis 4:1 

The Gentiles of course roll back with various translations and alleged mistranslations asserting that in that verse Eve is exclaiming the child Cain is truly made of the Fallen Angel. But only a superficial read of Genesis 6 proves this particular seed (Angel and the daughters of men) so vile and repulsive to the Most High that HE not only blamed them for all the Evil on Earth, HE further told Noah: “I have decided to put an end to all flesh for the Earth is filled with lawlessness because of them…” Genesis 6:13. Yet the Most High spoke with Cain tenderly and had hope in him, even that day he saw how soar he was that HE found Abel’s offering more pleasing: “And the Almighty said to Cain, ‘Why are you distressed? And why has your face fallen? Surely if you do right, there is uplift but if you do not do right, sin crouches at the door. Its urge is toward you but yet you can be its master.” Genesis 4:6-7. So we’re supposed to believe that the Almighty not only spoke lovingly to the adulterous spawn of the Serpent but also told him that he could overcome sin? Be its Master?

How these same Tricksters–yes the Gentiles–manage to tie Cain to Noah’s son Ham, claiming that black skin is the Mark Of Cain or the Serpent’s Seed, is just too fantastic to recall. And again the Word of the Most High tells a different story. Indeed after it is discovered that Cain has killed Abel, he claims his punishment by the Most High is too much to bear and says to his Creator: “Since you have banished me from this soil, I must avoid your presence and become a restless wanderer on earth–anyone who meets me may kill me. 15. The Most High then says to him I promise if anyone kills Cain, sevenfold vengeance shall be taken on him.’ And the Almighty put a mark on Cain lest anyone who met him should not kill him…” Genesis 4:14-15 Thus the Mark Of Cain, is one of protection from the Most High. It is a mark that lets the wouldbe murderer know he will pay seven times for Cain’s life. So if the Mark of Cain is cursed then what do you call the curses of Deuteronomy the children of Yisrael have been living since ZION fell? 

When we go to look at the true reason Cain’s offering wasn’t pleasing to the Most High and Abel’s was…all we must do is look to HIS law and the answer is clear before our eyes. “In that time Cain brought an offering of fruit of the soil and Abel for his part brought the choicest of the firstling of his flock and their fat.” Genesis 4:3-4.  Not only do we find in Exodus 13:2, “Consecrate to ME all of the firstborn who open the womb among the Children of Yisrael both man and beasts; It is MINE. But also in Numbers 3:13 and 8:17 “For all among the first Children of Yisrael are MINE both man and beast.” It also states in Leviticus 3:14-17 the sweet amora the Most High finds in the fat: “Then he shall offer from its offering made by fire to the Almighty. The fat that covers the entrails and all the fat that is on the entrails. 15. The two kidneys and the fat that is on them by the flanks and the fatty lobe attached to the liver above the kidneys, he shall remove. 16 And the priest shall burn them on the altar as food, an offering made by fire for a sweet aroma, all the fat is the Almighty’s 17. This is a perpetual statue throughout your generations in all your dwellings: you shall neither eat fat nor blood.” 

It was obvious that the Most High had tender feelings for Cain– that he was no Nephilim, adulterous offspring of the Serpent–maybe even to the point of spoiling him for even after he killed Abel in cold blood, in a jealous rage, the Almighty still protected and kept his life. Truth is there was only one reason the Almighty  favored Abel’s offering: he had taken the time to know HIS Creator, to find out what pleased HIM, and he made it an offering! Abel had gone the extra mile to please HIS Creator. It’s no different than the way we feel about our own children: all are loved but the one that goes out of their way to please you simply becomes a little more dear. And the story of Cain and Abel is nothing more or less. The Most High from the beginning of time is letting HIS Children know even if you do wrong (when I know you are capable of doing what is right and overcoming sin) I will still love you and not let the beast of the field (which are the other peoples not of Adam, including the seed of the Serpent) take your life. But with sin you will not be able to dwell in My presence; you will be cast among the nations. But the child that goes out of his way to know and please Me…he I will keep close, and hear his voice always, even crying to me among the dead. His offering I will accept; it is sweet aroma to Me.