Preparation For Judgement

by: Chashmal Yahnai Israel

In 2020, most of us could have never fathomed America’s grocery stores  running out of basic necessities such as food and water; nor could we have fathomed  massive power and gas outages due to cyber-attacks; nor could we have fathomed  massive death due to plague. This is because America has been sitting comfortably  and strengthening herself in her wickedness and has never lacked anything. This is a land that has raped, robbed, and killed to become a ruling world empire that has  never seen biblical judgement upon its main borders until now. Over a year later, we  witness with disbelief the empty shelves, long lines, fights, item limits, supply chain  disruptions, increasing plague infections and deaths, only to name a few. We are  hearing every day on our local news or social media new variants of disease, massive  shortages of every kind and inflation causing prices to skyrocket. As Israelites, we know what is happening to America and around the world as YAH has spoken about  his judgement in his word. YAH’s judgement is upon the earth and the real  destruction has yet to start. To learn more about YAH’s judgment please read Rising  of Zion’s Judgment Edition at This article  focuses on the additional preparations YAH instructed to prepare for the coming judgement.  

We are repeatedly told by following YAH’s commandments we will live when  judgement is in the earth. As commandment keepers we can see that the curses of  Deuteronomy 28 are turning upon on our enemies as YAH made mentioned this  would happen once we repented of our sins and turned back to his covenant…and the  LORD the God will put all these curses upon thine enemies and on them that hate  thee, which persecuted thee (Deuteronomy 30:7). We can read about the curses of 

our covenant and expect them to be placed upon our enemies while we are still  captive in their lands mainly famine, pestilence, and the sword (war). We should  expect this and adhere to the instructions YAH gave to our ancestors to prepare for  such destruction. As we read YAH’s word from the beginning we see the destruction  of the earth starting with Noah. YAH told Noah to prepare and gave instructions on  how to do so. We know from the story of Noah that he was instructed to build an ark and gather animals as YAH was destroying the world with a flood; moreover, we  know YAH promised he would never destroy the world by flood again. However,  YAH gave additional instructions to Noah to help prepare and save his life and those  of his 7 family members…and take thou unto thee of all food that is eaten, and  thou shalt gather it to thee; and it shall be for food for thee and them (Genesis  6:21). Yes, YAH told Noah to gather and store food. According to the story, Noah  and his family, and the animals stayed inside the ark for about 1 year. Can you  imagine being inside your home without the basic necessities while the world is in  utter chaos because you failed to listen to and understand YAH’s instructions given  to our ancestors? As Israelites we do not want to be caught up in the chaos that is to  come. We want to be like Noah and prepared, having our homes like an ark with all  of our families’ basic necessities near us and praising YAH for his mercy on us and  his judgment upon our enemies…I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be  praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies (Psalms 18:3). When it is time to  enter our ark (homes) we should be prepared with all we need to sustain our families while YAH’s judgment pours like rain upon the earth. Like Noah we will not be able  to go outside as it will be utter chaos and destruction before our eyes… and Noah  went in, and his sons, and his wife, and his son’s wives with him, into the ark,  because of the waters of the flood…as God had commanded him: and the LORD  shut him in (Genesis 7:7 and 16).