We Are Called In Righteousness…Inheriting The Promise Of Abraham.

A Word From Our Elder By Elder Bill

It doesn’t take many years of being Awakened  before one realizes that all the testimony of the Prophets returns us to the Law.  It is by the Law that we were established in Covenant with the Most High and that HE will fulfill HIS promise made to HIS friend, our great father Abraham and bless his seed above all seeds, establishing  us in ZION a land so anointed it is the only place on earth the ALMIGHTY will dwell. It is for this reason the great prophets give three absolute declarations concerning who will inherit the Promise of Abraham: 1. “Though thy people Yisrael be as the sand of the sea, only a remnant shall return.” Isaiah 10:20. 2. “The remnant of Yisrael shall do no iniquity nor speak lies; neither shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouths. Only such as these shall graze and lie down with none to make them afraid.” Zephaniah 3:13 and most simply put 3: “The Redeemer will come to ZION and to those who turn away from transgression.” 

If you haven’t yet imagined who is going to be in ZION or are stuck on some falsehood from the nations that someone died for your sins and you yourself do not have to obtain righteousness to dwell in ZION, in the midst of the HOLY OF HOLIES, than I advise you pray, fast and reconsider.  From the beginning the seed of Abraham was called to be Holy. “Speak to the congregation of the Children of Yisrael and say to them, ‘You shall be Holy for I YHWH am Holy.” Leviticus 19:2 Again if you believe the nations, that obtaining righteousness is an impossibility, I advise you think again as YHWH commands HIS Seed to be so, and to say it is beyond the grasp of the Sons of Adam  is to accuse Our Creator of falsehood.  Now for those whose mind like mine is steadfast on ZION…let us return to the Law where we are established and see exactly what must  be done to inherit the Great Promise made to our forefather, Avarham. 

And it shall be our righteousness if we are careful to observe all that you command,” Deut 6:25 So the discernment is that easy? Yes it is! Once you get past all the chatter about the 613 commands and the huge lie (Daniel, Shadrack, Meschach and Abedenego utterly undo) that says the commandments can’t be kept in captivity….yes it is that easy. Besides many scripture allow us to see that the first covenant YAH established with our ancestors is not only universal but is sufficient to build and maintain righteousness even outside the land: “YHWH declared to us a covenant that HE commanded that you observe, the Ten Commandments, and HE inscribed them on two tablets of stone.  At the same time YHWH commanded me to impart to you laws and rules for you to observe in the land that you are about to cross into and occupy.” Deuteronomy 4:13-14 So there is it, in plain view for all to see…how we obtain righteousness outside the land: by striving  to keep the covenant YHWH made with our forefathers that night HE appeared a fire in the sky from the heavens above. Indeed if you are a descendant of the captives spread to the four corners of the world during the transatlantic and arab slaves trades, you had a forefather there that night, who looked up at the fiery sky and said, ‘yes YHWH I do swear to keep this covenant and to do these commands.” It is why you are here and its achievement is the only road home.  Still lets get some scriptures to confirm who is the remnant (those going to ZION) and how we get there.

And I will bring them home to dwell in ZION; they shall be my people and I will be their YHWH, in truth and righteousness.” Zechariah 8:8  Righteousness we already know is following those Ten Commandments but what does the prophet mean by ‘HE will be our YHWH in truth?’ The Psalmists define truth as such: “YOUR righteousness is an everlasting righteousness and YOUR law is truth.” Psalms 119:142 Again, another last day prophecy of how the Elect are established: “In righteousness you shall be established. You shall be far from oppression.” Isaiah 54:14.