I Atone

Written By: Sister Azanyah


From The Beginning Our Power, The GREAT I AM,  Made It Clear That Our Survival As A People Depended Wholly On Our Adherence To The Commandments HE Gave Our Ancestors, Subsequently Our Power Wrote Teachings & Laws And Gave Them To Moses/Moshe: “Do Not Follow Other gods, Any gods Of The Peoples About You–For The ALMIGHTY Your God In Your Midst Is An Impassioned God–Lest The Anger Of The ALMIGHTY Your Power Blaze Forth Against You And HE Wipe You Off The Face Of The Earth.” Deuteronomy 6:14-15 JPS

     Outside The Accusations And Ramblings Of The Wicked (“YAH Is Unfair To Women, To Gentiles, To Gays, Why Does It Have To Be HIS Laws And No Other Way?) Indeed One Would Wonder What Was In The Hearts Of Our Ancestors That Made Them Play This Milleniums Long Game Of Inciting The CREATOR OF ALL To Fury And Wrath? In The End, No Doubt It Will Be Established That It Was HIS Mercy, HIS Patience, And HIS Great Plan Of Redemption For HIS Righteous Remnant That Allowed Us To Survive, And Even The Gentile Nations. Then At Last, At Last…HIS Great Fury Which No Man Could Hide.