Revealing The Seed Of The Serpent (Gen 3): 2021 Guide To Surviving The Last Days Of The Dead

By: Azanyah Bhat Levi

Yes, it is the last days and we must get down to the business of survival as the scriptures predict gloom, and perilous times for all people–even the Redemption of ZION. And though the latter is a matter of great celebration for us who have been gutted out among the nations…truth is, in preparation for that day YHWH’s Mercy is quickly waning from all HIS creation and the fact that sixty percent of all wildlife (yes the life HE once had Noah go to such lengths to protect) has died off the Earth in the last forty years is just one part of it. Nearly every major city in America has seen such increases in violence that only the word “epidemic,” may be used to explain it. And of course  the plague which they call “pandemic,” as always to keep YHWH out of the matter. What’s even worse is the two key factors we need to know in order to navigate these quickly boiling waters are denied the masses, which are indeed the forces of good and evil: the first being the identity of the true seed of Abraham (which is detailed on this website in a teaching called “Avarahm’s Seed,”) and the second being who is the true seed of the Serpent also referred by Adam as Nacash (“hiss,” in Hebrew) when he lacked the word for the creature who had deceived he and his wife Eve, the mother of all living! 

And indeed this is the place we must begin to see this Wicked Seed or even contemplate why the scriptures specifically state, Genesis 3:20: “Adam named his wife Eve because she was the mother of all living.”  Indeed even as I type “mother of all living,” the intelligence in autocorrect on google doc asks me if I’d like to delete “living,” as it recognizes a perceived redundancy and believes the appropriate phrase should be, “mother of all.” For all things according to current paradigms mute out a woman being mother to anything that is dead…yet as you will see the Hebraic scriptures reveal a different perspective. 

Again while societies, even the ones whose foundations are built upon the Hebraic scriptures, claim that we are all the same, one human race, one big family with one genetic make-up being formed from the same seed…the book of Genesis tells a different tale. 

YHWH said to Nacash,

Because you did this

More cursed shall you be 

Than all cattle 

And all wild beasts

On your belly you shall crawl

And dirt you shall eat 

All the days of your life

I will put enmity 

Between you and the woman 

And between your offspring and hers;

They shall strike at your head,

And you shall strike at their heel.”