The Secrets Of The Garden: The Eternal Quest For Eternal Life

The Quest For Eternal Life

Written By: Sister Azanyah

Have you ever wondered why the religions of the world hold so much good and evil at once? Why is it that when you go to church expecting a purely spiritual experience many find the thinging part of the service has the most emphasis… to the point where you’re told that if you do not give exactly ten percent of all you’ve grossed that you will not be blessed? Have you been a victim of church hurt, a phenomenon that seems to be growing in horrifying rates, where someone finds a church they truly love, and feels there the “presence of the Lord,” only to find out they’re being talked about, plotted against–that the pastor is sleeping with half the women that sit in the front pew or some of the men? Have you ever wondered how so many Muslims can profess such great love for Allah, stopping to pray ritually five times a day, then strap themselves with as many explosives as possible, walk into a restaurant where people are sitting with their babies and wait for the timer to go off? Tick Toc. Tick Toc. Have you ever dealt with a lawyer that wears his Yamaka everyday, faithfully stopping all business before sunset on Friday and by the time you have concluded your business with him…even the worse lawyer jokes fail to describe the greed, bottom-feeding craftiness and outright cunning you watched him wield? How is it that the people we hold to the highest scriptural ideal, that profess such righteousness as to lead others to righteousness, seem to be subject to the most vile behavior and even more how is that we come to find these behaviors acceptable, that we balance their good and bad deeds and decide (as we often do with ourselves) that despite the grave infraction of the Most High’s Law all is well? Exactly what is the Spirit of the religions (the churches, mosques, and synagogues)? Could it be that all of them are an abomination to the Most High and if so then why? “All the gods of the nations are idols.” Psalms 95:5, 1 Chronicles 16:26