We Are Avaraham’s Seed

Avaraham's Seed

By Sister  AzanYah

And It Shall Come To Pass, When All These Things Come Upon Thee, The Blessings And The Curse Which I Have Set Before Thee This Day And Thou Shall Call Them To Mind Among All The Nations Whither The ALMIGHTY Thy YAH Hath Driven Thee And Shalt Return To HIM And Obey HIS Voice According To All That I Command Thee This Day, Thou And Thy Children With All Thine Heart And With All Thine Soul…Then The ALMIGHTY Thy YAH Will Turn Thy Captivity And Have Compassion On Thee And Will Return And Gather Thee From All The Nations HE Has Scattered Thee.” Deuteronomy 30:1-3.

     For those of us who have been blessed to be awakened, who have looked  beyond the New Testament and its new god, to the Hebraic scriptures (Genesis to Malachi) which tells the history of our people… no doubt something spectacular happens: not only do we find there’s nothing null or void about the writings  of the old testament but HE who calls the end from the beginning, the ALMIGHTY ONE, has documented in antiquity our entire history, including everything we go through this present day.  No doubt something no less than otherworldly transpires when a people who have no history beyond our present captivity or four hundred years, are able to read the law and testimony and find in them all the truth that has been denied them–and the world for the fact. With that miracle in mind, if you’re able to muster enough belief in HIM, understanding that the world has been given into the hands of the wicked and all you learned in the educational, media and religious systems has been a lie…if you can accept those things then you might just be one of those who will make it out of this Beast/Baal/Babylonian system we presently reside. For our awakening is the first step in the processes defined in scripture as “returning to HIM,” and thus making our way out of this world:  an increasingly diabolical and perplexing reality that requires your dulled senses and apathy to reign as evidenced by the fact that most of us actually believed these frail pale Europeans not only labored for hundreds of years in hard bondage under the Egyptian sun–but also according to scripture thrived in these conditions, vexing Pharaoh for “the more they afflicted them to the more they multiplied and grew.” Exodus 1:12

    So maybe this is the place we need to begin in understanding who are the true bloodline descendants of Abraham and why this truth not only reveals the rule of the wicked and their web of lies this world for the almost three thousand years has called reality but also set the bounds of good vs evil, establishing us in our beliefs eternally for with the awakening of those who fulfill the ALMIGHTY’s law…the bell apocalyptically rings, sounding for all humanity that last and final call. And despite the false labeling of Hebrew Israelites by the mainstream media as black identity extremists and hate group…Our Creator, Infinitely Wise And Righteous in all matters spread the Children Of Yisrael via the Transatlantic Slave Trade to every corner of  the earth not only for our punishment but when that time had come to end, HIS Glory will be seen shining brightly upon our people, giving each and every person regardless of nationhood, who chooses to sojourn, an opportunity for Salvation for the Great Day Of HIS Wrath will no doubt follow soon:  ALMIGHTY which gathers the outcasts of Yasharal, yet will gather others to him beside those…for MINE house shall be called a house of prayer for all people.” Isaiah 56:7b-8

     I was in my sophomore year at Howard University when I first heard of Arthur Koestler’s The Thirteenth Tribe published ten years previously in 1976 in which the author using great historical prowess most stunningly advanced his thesis that the European Jew (the only people recognized by this world then and now as the bloodline descendants of Abraham) are not truly descendants of the historical Israelites from antiquity but come from a Turkic people called the Khazars.  The fact that Koestler was by bloodline a Khazar seemed to add more credence to his thesis and may have paved the way for other scholars from his bloodline advancing on his work such as Scholmo Sand The Invention Of The Jewish People.  Both authors concur that the European Jew or Khazar converted to Judaism around 700 AD and prior to then were pagans as was all of Europe before the Romans seized Jerusalem and with it our holy books. It is supported that the Khazars in a strategic move to avoid being governed by Arabia through Islam or Rome through Catholicism decided that they would be the Israelites never mind the fact that you must be a descendant of Abraham to be called such. Koestler records this history giving no sinister credence to King Bulan’s choice, no matter the grand scale of its ramifications and how it most  conveniently played the larger role in the success of White Supremacy: if Europe as lead by the Catholic Church had not been able to lift up the extremely pale Khazar as the bloodline descendants of Abraham, painting a white face on the Holy people as so famously represented in the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome…white supremacy in the world would’ve been but a dream no different than Martin Luther King’s.

    Nearly fifty years after the Balfour Agreement was signed and the European Jew entered into what they say is their Holy Land and most paradoxically for the very first time…Dr. Eran Elahiak and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine published on December 5, 2012 the “Khazarian Hypothesis” which simply states the “Jews” of America, Europe that now reside in Israel are descendants not of Father Abraham but of King Bulan and the people of ancient Khazaria, scientifically  ending all debate even though the unlawful European  state of Israel still exist, bedecked in false genealogies and thousands of years of lies that if commonly known among people would posit the Zionist Khazar as the seed of Cain, especially when its considered that these same people owned nearly ever slave ship where our ancestors the true seed of Abraham cruelly suffered and/or died.

      Still why would the ALMIGHTY allow it all to happen? Why would HE turn an enemy to HIS own people creating the very conditions that allow them to suffer what no people have endured under the sun?